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November 28, 2013
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Best of November 2013

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 28, 2013, 3:59 AM

Here are some of the best pictures I found in November, 2013. They do not appear in my Square-features, that's why I do a monthly feature for all those great artists on deviantART who submitted no-square pictures.


Feed your mind by DorottyaS
Harvest by RS-fotoEvarcha arcuata. by irassMakroFotografie
Winter Wonderland by AnitaAnti
Bitter Blue by simonovikisTales of the Forest by LG77
Haematopota pluvialis. by irassMakroFotografie
black city by FersyBlack seasons by bwiti
...dresden III... by roblfc1892
New Perspectives (Part 5) by EinsilbigGlencoe by Greg-McKinnon
The Odyssey by ColinHSillerud
Be Proud by Kara-aBruarfoss by Michaelthien
Early Winter's Magnificence by MaximeCourty
Division by IvanAndreevichThe sunken ice by XavierJamonet
Chicken and aspargus with mustard creamy sauce by MirageGourmand
Sunbeam by jaelise
*** by thefirebomb
Triva by NellekeThe Fjord by Erinti
... by MindShelves
Montagne de Lure by PierreRodriguez
San Francisco, unseen night 2 by alierturk
The End by MikkoLagerstedtAutumn morning by Aphantopus
Autumn by superflyninja
the hardest day by esire

The Gathering by NellekeMystery Keepers by FlorentCourty

Highways and Galaxies by tourofnatureUnder the mountain by is4l
IMG 2679m by DanielMyszkowski
nightfall by FwirllWake up Baltic by Dybcio
Last frontiere by correiae
Kamnitz in autumn by TobiasRichterwild and perfect day by StefanBeutler
good joke! by Partridge-PetPics
Big and small balls by matze-endThe Pinnacle by Inebriantia
Black Lake, Louisiana by EmileeSelf
Valeria by Artic-artMandarin Duck by DominikaAniola
Autumn morning by vanillapearl
lighthouse:Vlad 7 by Akadama-nA Snail Named Gary by myuneko626
Aquilegia x by efeline
Charcoal by simonovikissquirrel by markotapio
au revoir v.2 by bwaworga
Ounasvaara by markotapio
Missing You by IndigoSummerrFoggy Forest I by Weissglut
Perfect Portrait by HattieWatson
Eibsee by TobiasRichterTreasure by JanPusdrowski
Autumn Sunrise over Zurich by LinsenSchuss
Black rock peak by tihomirmladenov
Aurora In The Alps by CapturingTheNightO=O. by irassMakroFotografie
heather by efeline
Snow Rays by jasonwildeWatching and Waiti by timbodon
Warm by huhahohi
Yin Yang FAll by Dee-Tof green and red by Maaira
Jule by Hart-Worx
Celestial Explosion by Jordan-Robertssilentium by Enaston
honey and milk #3 by matze-end Acid by FlexDreams
hyla II by lisans
Winter's Grip by tourofnatureMy dream house by RobinHalioua
Tree6 by markotapio
I'll give you wings... I'll sell you fame by Aisii
The Horseman by tihomirmladenovBetween Times by JanPusdrowski
slow burn. by Senju-HiMe
Farming time! by melvynyeoLimestone Pavement by Matthias-Haker
Poverty by DoggyStajl
Waves II by Matthias-HakerGuilty Face by equine-images
Autumn Blue Jay (Origami) by FoldedWilderness
Tuscany sunrise by XavierJamonet
Karkonosze  Mountains 152 by PawelJG
179.Gecko by Bulinkodream of Death. by Senju-HiMe
170.On Flower by Bulinko
Patience and Grace by UnkopierbarSev5 by HeySun
3.9.2013: Joy of Light by Suensyan
It's not time to disappear by tayaivyin yang by Artic-art
ballad of joy by TanjaMaria
Urban Melody by Fragile-Eyes-FictionMist and sunshine by JPawlak
Gouls 21 by IMustBeDead
tropical Forest by Hengki24reminiscence of purity by harequil
morning dance by alfred-georg
Reach Out And Touch The Sky by CapturingTheNightFlower Fly by Hussain-AlMousa
night by zznzz
Black Nore Lighthouse by Hoopsci
Early by Annabelle-ChabertFrom Light into Darkness by KrzysztofJedrzejak
dreams by DanHecho
Guardian by Holasek
La Billaude by matthieu-parmentierwhere the streets have no name by pyros
Cleansing by drkshp
The cute side of birds of prey by phalalcrocoraxrun n fun by Wolfruede
Unloved Heart by Samantha-meglioli
Marianne XIV by charleshildrethSteady Uprising by psyfre
Savannah by pholwises
Ristikivi by m-eralpSunrise overture pt.IX. by realityDream
Mr Blue and Hairy (Trichochrysea hirta) by melvynyeo
Bright Light by MaximeCourtyDSC 1678 by pietervanbalen
Grumpy by Sagittor
Breakfast by HolasekWhere Horizons End by Ondskapens
Gold autumn by Madeleine1337
ot 160 by alfred-georgSchrammsteine by Dave-Derbis
Hungarian skies pt.XLII. by realityDream
Lucid Dreams I by DMMDesignAutumn mirror pt.II. by realityDream
220 by Tapu
Ladybug by kentnek
dark moon by MartaSyrko
frozen memories by BaxiaArt
-Pilgrims dream- by Janek-SedlarFlow of nature by m-eralp
Monilophyta by RonnyEngelmannAscension by ColinHSillerud

Thank you for these beautiful artworks.

Do you have any suggestions for pictures which should be featured next time? Send me a link or a thumb in a note. :aww:

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Perfect feature again..!
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